BRIGHT Run Breast Cancer Learning Health System Chair

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Project Status:

In the early years of the BRIGHT Run, the funds raised were used to provide grants in support of research studies conducted either in the clinic or in the laboratory. However, another very important component of research is people, i.e. the scientists, who conduct the research.

As the BRIGHT Run experience matured, its leaders felt it was time to build research capacity locally by investing in the support of a scientist through the creation of the BRIGHT Run Breast Cancer Learning Health System Chair. Funding for this endowed position represents both the successful efforts of the participants in the annual BRIGHT Run, as well as the commitment of McMaster University.

A search is being conducted now (2021) for a scientist in Data Science. Information is key to the delivery of quality breast cancer care in our rapidly changing healthcare system. With the emergence of new technologies, there has been an exponential increase in data. This has created an opportunity to analyze and derive meaningful insights from large amounts of data. It requires special expertise of a Data Scientist who can use various statistical and artificial intelligence tools to understand and analyze data. The data scientist predicts the occurrence of events and takes data-driven decisions.

We look forward, with great anticipation, to the hiring of the right person for this position and the impact BRIGHT funds will have on the future of breast cancer. Stay tuned…