Dave Margerison

My BRIGHT Story – Dave Marjerison

I was diagnosed on March 26, 2015 by Doctor Heller. That was about two weeks after I noticed that I had an inverted nipple. My wife was concerned and found the lump in my chest while she was checking the area.

I cannot describe how I felt other than an empty, void feeling; it is something that I have difficulty putting into words. It was as if my life was at its end and I did not know how to appropriately react or feel. Emotionally I could not comprehend my diagnosis. All of the members, volunteers and staff at the JCC helped me to get through the emotional grievances.

For my wife and daughters, the realization of my diagnosis did not set in until my first Chemotherapy treatment. That was when it really hit home for them.

What impact did this have on my life? Where do I start? It took me about two weeks after my diagnosis to finally accept it. It was at this point where I changed my attitude and became positive; I knew that I would defeat this cancer. I told myself that I would.

After I accepted my diagnosis and went up to JCC for my fist visit, my wife met Nancy McMillan at a volunteer table in the centre. She mentioned my diagnosis and Nancy insisted that she sit and talk to her. I was later introduced to her as well and found out about the BRIGHT Run through her after asking about ways which I could become involved in raising awareness and donations for breast cancer.

I decided that I was going to start my own team with my family to raise awareness and donations for the JCC. So far we are working to expand our team, inviting friends to join us and the walk.
I want people to know that 100% of the money raised goes to cancer research at JCC. It is an amazing community of survivors, family members, friends and anyone else who wishes to join getting together to support the cause.

I also want to make people aware that there is not a universal cure to treat all strains of cancer. Every type of cancer is different whether in its severity or method of treatment and this is why it is so important to continue raising money for cancer research; so that one day there may be a cure for all cancers.
100% of all proceeds to directly back to the JCC. It is an amazing way to make new friends and meet others who may be in the same situation as me. It is a good place to go for support and understanding.