Gloria Billeci is an Administrative Assistant at McMaster University where she supports two child psychiatrists. She also volunteers for the BRIGHT Run and Wellwood. Weekends you may find her at a spin class or power walking her way around Ancaster. She is married with two adult children.

When, how and why did you get involved in the BRIGHT Run?
I was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer in February 2017. By the end of treatment, I was ready to give back. The fact that the BRIGHT Run proceeds stay in Hamilton made me want to volunteer in an organization that helped my city.

How does your work for the BRIGHT Run fit with your job, if it does?
I am hoping when I retire from my day job I can do more for the BRIGHT Run and use my administrative skills in any way needed.

My love of meeting new people is what fits with my work for the BRIGHT Run.

What do you do for the BRIGHT Run?
I am on the volunteer committee.

Do you have any personal/family connections to breast cancer?
I was diagnosed with Stage 1 hormone receptive breast cancer in February 2017. I had a lumpectomy single node biopsy and 16 rounds of radiation and am now taking anastrozole for another three years.

What are your feelings about the BRIGHT Run?
I love the BRIGHT Run. I love the energy and drive of the people who organize it and run in it.