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Welcome to Calling All Captains, a place for BRIGHT Run team captains to share successes, talk about fundraising ideas and take a look at what and how other teams are doing.

Welcome back returning teams that have registered:

  • Team Mimma and captain Mimma Musitano

And welcome aboard, new teams that have registered:

  • glamjulz and captain Monica Graves
  • The Moobs and captain Steve Ewoniak

Plants for Breast Cancer

Congratulations to The Girls of WW, team member Lisa Rudd-Scott, and her parents Dennis and Janette Rudd on their hugely successful plant sale to raise money for the BRIGHT Run.

Lisa was first out of the gate, potting a range of plants from her expansive East Mountain gardens and selling them – in a physically distanced way – for local breast cancer research.

Dennis and Janette joined in within a couple of weeks from their amazing West Mountain gardens and between the two sales, all three raised more than $1,800 for the BRIGHT Run.

Dennis and Janette have long been a part of Open Garden Week in Hamilton and have held plant sales for a range of causes close to their hearts. This year, they chose breast cancer to help in their own way. Lisa’s gardening prowess is a credit to her parents, as is her annual plant sale!

Awesome job, particularly adjusting to the physical distancing that’s so important during this pandemic.

Tip of the Month

Many of our participants have tapped into their employers’ charitable matching programs over the years. Maybe your employer has such a program, which will match your fundraising efforts, often up to a maximum amount.

Check it out and see if it’s available through your workplace. If it’s not, maybe now’s a good time to suggest it!

And here’s a bonus tip for this month – how about this quick and easy classic, gone virtual? It’s the tried-and-true “Guess the number of candies in the jar” contest.

Pick some kind of candy – jelly beans are colourful, but you could go with bite-sized wrapped goodies of any kind. Count the candy – carefully, maybe twice! – and fill a clear jar or container with the candy.

Take a picture or two of the filled container and post it on your social media platforms. Make it a time-limited contest to get people to enter early and enter often.

Set a price for a single guess, then promote the event as widely as possible. Ask folks to e-transfer the money, or drop it off at your home in a physically distanced way. Accept their guesses via your social media platforms and/or email. After the deadline for entries, comb through the guesses, pick the one whose guess is the closest, deliver the prize safely to the winner and, voila, you’ve raised some money for the BRIGHT Run. And some lucky person is loving the candy!

Fundraising Tips

  • Share your story: when telling people about the event make sure to share why you believe in the cause.
  • Stay motivated: don’t take it personally if someone doesn’t want to donate as people support many causes and may not be able to support all of them. If someone says no to donating money, you could ask him or her to spread the word about the event or invite them to “like” the facebook page.
  • Stay in touch: send updates to your donors on how much you’ve raised and how much the event raised in total. Don’t forget to say thank you! A picture of you at the event is always a nice touch!

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