Five BRIGHT Questions for Team Fundraising leader: Lisa Rudd-Scott

Team name: The Girls of WW
Number of members, on average: Last year we had more than 30, this year we have 12 so far.
Who they are: Upper James Weight Watchers group
Number of years: This is our second year
Amount of money raised: Last year, more than $8,000. This year, $4,500 so far.

When and why did you become a BRIGHT Run team fundraising leader?
Working in research, I see first-hand how research dollars enhance patient care and I wanted to be part of the magic. So, in May 2019, I had a little idea that I would ask my Weight Watchers group to join me in a 1k/5k walk and raise funds to support local breast cancer research. Not only did they say yes, we as a team have raised the bar and exceeded team goals.

How do you feel about the BRIGHT Run?
I truly love the friendships I have made being part of the BRIGHT Run community. Every year I am inspired to do more! What an awesome opportunity to be able to fundraise for the hospital that is in my community. I love that all money donated stays in my community at the Juravinski Cancer Centre. I am expecting great things with the launch of our virtual event this year. I am so, so excited!

What’s the best part of being a BRIGHT Run team fundraising leader?
I get to be creative and think up new and exciting ways to inspire the team through fundraising, team spirit and team T-shirts. I am privileged to fundraise and be part of the BRIGHT Run fun, create lasting memories and ensure that I am doing everything I can to make a difference in the patient care and treatment of breast cancer in Hamilton.

What kind of fundraising does your team do?
Bake and book sales
Plant sales
Tupperware fundraising
Thirty-One gifts fundraising
Yard sale

Ask not only friends but colleagues, sport teams, soccer, hockey, dance clubs -all these external acquaintances that you know will support you. All you have to do is ask!

Advice for new BRIGHT Run team fundraising leaders or team captains?
What turned out to be a little idea of asking my Weight Watchers group to join me in raising funds for local breast cancer research has morphed into the most amazing friendships that have continued to grow. We inspire each other and bring new ideas each year. All you have to do is ask!