Five BRIGHT Questions for Team Captain:

Team captain: Cheryl Weldon
Team name: Fifty Shades of Pink
Number of members: On average: 15
Who they are: Family and friends
Number of years: This will be my seventh year
Amount of money raised: $38,770

When and why did you become a BRIGHT Run team captain?
I was introduced to the BRIGHT Run my first year of diagnosis seven years ago. It made such a lasting impression on me, I felt like I wanted/needed to continue this for all those who will benefit from the research being done.

How do you feel about the BRIGHT Run?
I am very passionate about the BRIGHT Run and what it stands for. It always tugs at my heartstrings, even after all those years. You feel such a community presence on the day of the event and it is wonderful seeing all those who also worked on my medical team out there supporting us as well.

What’s the best part of being a BRIGHT Run team captain?
Supporting the newcomers as far as fundraising and moral support, as most of my team members are breast cancer survivors.

What kind of fundraising does your team do?
Garage sale, High Tea, and this year we hope to do a paint night fundraiser.

Advice for new BRIGHT Run team captains?
Try and be positive and available to your team. Encourage them to do their best to fundraise, but enjoy the moment and the day.