Jagtar Singh Chahal has been in the taxi business in Hamilton since 1989. He is CEO of Hamilton Cab, known for, among other things, its brightly decorated pink cabs aimed at raising awareness of breast cancer.

Jagtar, his wife and two of their children participate in the BRIGHT Run each year. Their third child lives in the United States.

When, how and why did you get involved in the BRIGHT Run?

I was approached by Nancy McMillan some years ago and that is how we started participating in the BRIGHT Run every year.

How does your work for the BRIGHT Run fit with your job, if it does?

My work is very flexible and allows me to participate in this event.

What do you do for the BRIGHT Run?

We sponsor on behalf of Hamilton Cab, encourage our drivers to participate in it and we participate ourselves in this run. We also send our pink cabs to the event. Some of our drivers have helped before and on event day by picking up and delivering supplies.

Do you have any personal/family connections to breast cancer?

My cousin in England was diagnosed with breast cancer few years ago. She is fine now.

What are your feelings about the BRIGHT Run?

We love it and wish more people would get involved in this noble cause.