I have been helping with the Bright Run for a handful of years now, and it is because I have always believed in the cause, period. However, it was not until this year that this cause truly hit home for me. My aunt recently experienced a double mastectomy, removing both of her breasts, and now the realization that my mom could very well have the same diagnosis is a constant concern for me. As a young woman in this day and age, it has become overwhelmingly evident that this is a major issue and more than likely one of my young friends will experience this as well… if not me, and that is a scary thought.

From the very beginning I knew that the Bright Run was committed to donating 100% of all proceeds to Breast Cancer clinical trials and research projects. I also knew that sadly, not all charities could honestly give that same guarantee.

Having lived in Hamilton for 5 years now, I see the importance of investing in my community. Although my aunt and mother do not live here, I have many friends that do. As I begin to start a family, I also worry more about creating the best life possible for my children. I know that helping my community is a big and important step to obtaining a healthier community, now and in the future.

I guess what I am trying to get across is the fact that it can happen to anyone, old or young and what we do NOW to help the women in our community, the women we see every day,  (is critical)  will go on to benefit the many women in our lives and in our community, for generations to come.

And that is why I Walk. Run. Support.


Meg, Bright Run Volunteer