Let’s BRIGHTen up February!

For the shortest month of the year, February can feel relentlessly long! Could be cabin fever, lack of sunshine, who knows what. We hope you can add a little BRIGHTness to your February by perusing this month’s eNews.

Dr. Mark Levine, our favourite doc with the pink tights, gets a little up close and personal this month, with some musings on family, fun and…forgetfulness. It’s a side of Mark most of us don’t see!

Get to know Diana Beckley, captain of BRIGHT team Beckley’s Family and Friends, in our new feature that poses five questions to a range of BRIGHT team captains. You’ll also find Diana and her team in this month’s Calling All Captains, which outlines a handful of upcoming fundraising events.

And try your luck at this month’s contest, which might take a bit of sleuthing to find the winning answer!

Most of all, remember that if February is here, spring is just that little bit closer!