Five BRIGHT Questions for Team Captain

Team captain: Diana Beckley
Team name: Beckley’s Family & Friends (BFFs)
Number of members, on average: Six including myself
Who they are: Family and Friends
Number of years: Four
Amount of money raised: About $17,000

When and why did you become a BRIGHT Run team captain?
I received my diagnosis in Nov. 2015.  Stage 4 Her 2 pos.  I did my first walk Sept 2016.  I am receiving such wonderful care at the Juravinski Cancer Centre and I wanted to give back for as long as I’m able. 

How do you feel about the BRIGHT Run?
I love being a part of BRIGHT Run.

What’s the best part of being a BRIGHT Run team captain?
Best part of being a captain is just being able to motivate my team and of course see how much money we can raise.

What kind of fundraising does your team do?
We have had two garage sales, three bake sales, a craft sale and two dances so far.  We have a dance coming up in April and a bake sale in June.

Advice for new BRIGHT Run team captains?
My advice to new captains is to just have fun with it.  There is no one breathing down your neck to raise a certain amount.  Every little bit helps.