COVID-19 Pivot: From Printing to Face Shields

Long-time BRIGHT Run supporters Brenda Chen and James Cao have found their niche in the fight against COVID-19.

The two have added a new line of face shields for frontline workers to their existing full-service printing company, Burlington-based 9s Print.

Through donations from businesses and individuals, they are providing donated shields to area hospitals.

Their association with the BRIGHT Run goes back at least seven years as volunteers. Since starting their business about four years ago, they have produced a wide range of printed materials for the BRIGHT Run, almost entirely as donations.

The shift to face shields required sourcing and testing a range of materials, as well as coming up with designs for the shields.

They now have four products available: Frontiers (black banded, cool label), Smiling Angel (yellow band with smiley faces), Ecogard (lighter-weight than Frontiers and Smiling Angel) and a branded guard produced with a custom logo of the purchaser’s choice.

“Companies and people can place an order on our website (www.cangardcare.com) for themselves or choose to donate them to hospitals,” Brenda said. “We will do the legwork to send the donations to the hospital and post the donors on our website.”

Visit the cangard website to donate or order shields.

Kudos and many thanks to Brenda and James for stepping up to the COVID challenge.