Five BRIGHT Questions for Team Captain: Kim Smith

  • Team captain: Kim Smith
  • Team name: Rack Pack
  • Number of members, on average: 15
  • Who they are: Family and friends 
  • Number of years: 2
  • Amount of money raised: approx. $8,000

When and why did you become a BRIGHT Run team captain?
After participating as a member of a friend’s team for a few years during and after my own treatment, I decided to take a leap last year and try leading my OWN team, because I’m no follower!!! 
How do you feel about the BRIGHT Run?
BRIGHT Run has become near and dear to both me and my entire family. This event and its incredibly supportive community really helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel during my diagnosis and treatment in 2017 at the age of 30. It serves as a reminder to all current fighters and survivors that they’re not alone, there is scientific progress being made all the time, their hospital and oncology team has got their back, and most importantly, there’s still laughter and light no matter where you’re at in your breast cancer journey.
What’s the best part of being a BRIGHT Run team captain?
That fulfilling feeling of contributing and giving back to a cause that does so much good for so many. And, of course, getting to dress your friends and family in embarrassing t shirts!
What kind of fundraising does your team do?
We currently rely mainly on online donations from family, friends and acquaintances through social media platforms, as well as a few generous local business sponsors.
Advice for new BRIGHT Run team captains?
Have fun! Of course, we’re here mainly to raise funds for vital local research and treatment, but we’re also here to celebrate and show our teams a good time! Be bright and bold to help your team stand out, and wear comfortable shoes!!!