Only 12 More Sleeps!

There’s still time to REGISTER and DONATE to BRIGHT Run 2020.


Hard to believe, but BRIGHT Run 2020 is almost here. And we want you to have the best possible time as we come together – safely separated – to celebrate your amazing fundraising success.

There is much to celebrate in this dislocated season of COVID-19. Despite the restrictions and hurdles, the BRIGHT family has come through with imaginative fundraising successes and energetic engagement.

BRIGHT Run on Facebook Live

Join us at 9.45 a.m. Sept. 12 on Facebook Live for the start of the party. We’ll have some entertainment, some speeches, some warm-up stuff and then off you go!

We’ll email you the morning of event day with a link to our page, or you can simply log on to Facebook and search BRIGHT Run/Walk for Breast Cancer Research.

What to do for an hour and a half of virtual BRIGHT before you rejoin us on Facebook Live for the cheque presentation? We’ve got a few suggestions:

Join our BRIGHT Run 2020 club on STRAVA to see how others are warming up for this year’s virtual run:

  • Search STRAVA in your app store and sign up using Facebook or your email address.
  • Join the club! Click Explore and search “BRIGHT Run 2020” under Clubs.
  • RSVP to the event! In the BRIGHT Run 2020 club, scroll to the bottom to see upcoming events, and RSVP.
  • Track your activity! Click “Record” when you are running, cycling, or heading for a walk to track your progress.
  • Stay in touch! Both in the club and the event, you can see what other BRIGHT Runners are up to, ask questions, and receive updates as we get closer to the event.

Disclaimer: STRAVA is free, but there is a paid version with extra features. You can cancel the subscription to keep using it for free.

Driveway hockey/basketball/soccer challenge
Family board game tournament
Backyard obstacle course/games festival
Musical chairs
Treadmill challenge
Swimming, kayaking, water polo tourney
Card games
Water balloon fight
Neighbourhood walk (socially distanced)
Pets in pink neighbourhood parade

Share during the event!

We encourage all participants to share on Instagram and Facebook during the event so we can see your team, your run, and your BRIGHT spirit! BRIGHT Run is for everyone, so if you prefer to walk, swim, skip, or actually run yourself to the finish line, we’d love to see it.

On Instagram, create a post or a story and tag @brightrunhamilton.This will share your photo or video with us so we can share it! If your profile is private, please send your photos in an Instagram message.

Hashtag #BRIGHTRUN2020 on social media so others can see your BRIGHT in action!

On Facebook, create a post and tag @BrightRun. You’ll see BRIGHT Run/Walk for Breast Cancer Research pop up — click it! This will let us know you’ve shared something so we can re-share it.

If you have any issues sharing or posting during the event, please feel free to share your images or videos with us in a Facebook message. This way, we can still share them!

What about that swag bag you got on T-shirt pick up day?

Some of it’s obvious – blow up the balloons, find a good spot on your body for the tattoos. Eat the Vel bar, wear the mask and put the magnet on your car – or your front door!

The rolled-up ribbon? It’s your personal BRIGHT Run start-finish ribbon. Have a ribbon- cutting ceremony to start your event or try to bust through it when you finish. Or use it for a limbo dancing contest! Your Wall of Hope card is a way to honour survivors and celebrate the memory of others by pinning it to your run shirt.

Get creative – we’ve got prizes!

For our first-ever virtual event, we want to celebrate your creativity! We’ve crafted some fun ways for you to share your BRIGHT spirit for a chance to win. Prizes will be announced back on Facebook Live during our closing ceremonies.

Start planning for your chance to win! Prizes will be awarded for:

Best BRIGHT Outfit
Put on your pink and show us all things BRIGHT! We want our social media feed to be full of fun, creative BRIGHT Run attire.

Most Creative Route
Track your route on STRAVA or another running app — you can draw a picture, a pattern, or run in circles. The most creative route will win a prize.

Best Scenic Photo
Going virtual means BRIGHT Runners everywhere! Take photos along your route so we can see where you’ve chosen for BRIGHT Run 2020.

Best Video
We can’t be together, but we sure can act like it! Record a video of your team, your route, or simply getting excited for BRIGHT Run.

Most Creative Activity
BRIGHT Run is for everyone, and you certainly don’t have to run. Whether you’re canoeing, knitting, or baking a cake, show us how you BRIGHT Run!