You Have Spoken!

In the hours after BRIGHT Run 2020, the organizing committee received messages from many of you, including 157 emails to event chair Nancy McMillan, who wrote:

“One large team went to the Juravinski Hospital and walked the perimeter to wave at the windows and salute their teammate/leader who is in hospital. Another team got together for a “shave day” to prep for the next chemo. One patient and three friends shaved their heads together, all in their BRIGHT Run T-shirts, with huge smiles and thumbs up.”

And here are some thoughts from participants…

“He (Steve Ewoniak) is so articulate and well spoken. Great choice for this year’s face of BRIGHT!“

“Thanks to all for their efforts today! You put together an incredibly efficient, smooth, fun event and kept the BRIGHT Run spirit alive!  Thank you!”

“We salute you and your team. Amazing work!”

“So proud of the work you’ve done! “

“Excellent team spirit!! Way to go guys! You make a difference.”

“Excellent job! My first year participating!”

“I’ve just been diagnosed. BRIGHT Run has given me hope. I’m so inspired. Thank you.” 

“BRIGHT Run organizers slayed the COVID dragon. Kudos to you all. What a great event!”

“Together we can do anything. Breast cancer survivors kick ass.”