Acupuncture-like Stimulation

Researchers: Dr. R. Wong & M. Forbes
Co-Investigators: Dr. M. Levine, Dr. S. Sagar, Dr. J.Hayward
Project Status: Completed
Phase II study of Acupuncture-like Transcutaneous Stimulation (ALTENS) in the management of Vasomotor Symptoms induced by Breast Cancer Treatments

The study was completed. 71 eligible subjects with a median age of 52 (range: 40-87) were randomized to ALTENS (n=35) and control (n=36). At 12 weeks, there were 11 (31.4%) responders in the ALTENS arm versus 2 (5.5%) in the control (p=0.012). The results at 24 weeks were 14 versus 4, respectively (p=0.013). The results were presented at the 2014 Canadian Association of Oncology Nurses Meeting in Quebec City. ALTENS is a promising non-pharmacologic approach to managing vasomotor symptoms. Currently acupuncture is sometimes used at the JCC for intractable vasomotor symptoms.