Daily Partial Breast Irradiation

Researchers: Dr. D. Kim & Dr. T. Whelan
Co-Investigators: J. Wright, J. Sussman, B. Strang, H. Reiter, S. Voruganti, G. Okawara, I. Dayes, J. Julian
Project Status: Completed
(OPAR) Once-a-day partial breast irradiation: A feasibility study

BRIGHT provided funding to support a phase II randomized trial to evaluate the safety of two accelerated partial breast irradiation regimens, of different intensities, in women who had undergone lumpectomy for breast cancer. Sixty-two women were enrolled in Hamilton and Quebec City. The toxicity of the two regimens was low. Given these positive findings, Drs. Kim and Whelan applied successfully to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation to extend the phase II (OPAR) trial nationally. To date, 190 of 280 patients have been entered from 10 centres across Canada.