A BRIGHT Year to Remember

Life – and BRIGHT – took a strange turn in 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected – is still affecting – everyone world-wide. We look forward to the continued roll-out of effective COVID vaccines, hoping that, sometime in the near future, life might return to something close to normal.

Via the instant communication that has become so much of our lives, we know that families have been devastated by COVID. We know that few of our heroes wear flashy outfits and capes; they are, rather, our frontline workers in healthcare, emergency and essential services. We owe them all so much.

It’s been a difficult, isolating year, but good things have happened. Babies were born, birthdays and anniversaries were celebrated, weddings took place. It all looked different than what we’re accustomed to, but happy things continued to happen in the midst of the pandemic.

And we learned new stuff. How to dress for a Zoom meeting (no one sees the pj bottoms), how to eye-ball a two-metre social distance, how to wash our hands properly. Trying not to touch our faces was particularly…trying… but we tried!

We figured out we don’t need as much toilet paper as we thought. We learned there is no such thing as too many face masks, which can in fact be fashion statements. We found new ways to keep in touch with loved ones, new ways to express love, empathy and sympathy.

At the BRIGHT Run, we all learned how to celebrate virtually. We got creative with fundraising, trying out new online ideas to bring in donations. And we succeeded in raising $333,000 in a year during which it wouldn’t have been embarrasing to raise half that.

So, BRIGHT family, congratulations on making it through 2020. The new year is sure to bring new challenges, but we’ve proven we’re up to it. Onward to BRIGHT 2021!