BRIGHT Run 2022: 15th Anniversary!

Yes, BRIGHT 2021 wrapped up less than two months ago. But the volunteer BRIGHT executive committee, and its five sub-committees, work year-round.

And we’re already thinking hard about how to make the 15th anniversary appropriately special!

For one thing, we are hoping that by Sept. 10, 2022, COVID-19 will not be the threat under which we have all lived and worked since early 2020. We want the pressure on our health-care system relieved; we want businesses to thrive again; we want parents and students back into the school-happens-at-school routine.

Most of all, we want to celebrate BRIGHT’s 15th anniversary together. Really together. Together again at the pinked-up Dundas Valley Conservation Area!

We pivoted quickly to create a virtual event in 2020 to ensure the safety of our volunteers, participants and community partners. We did it again in 2021 for the same reason. 

And all of us – volunteers, participants and community partners – did it exceptionally well. The BRIGHT community has so many reasons to be proud of our virtual events and the outstanding fundraising that was accomplished over the past two years.

Heading into 2022, the BRIGHT executive is planning an in-person event. We want all of us – particularly those who joined us for the first time in 2020 and 2021 – to experience the exhilaration, the excitement, the pure joy of coming together to celebrate and remember.

We want this return to Dundas Valley to be extra special, not only because it’s our 15th anniversary, but also because it will mark “new normal” after the pandemic.

Having said that, we have all learned over the past couple of years that things can change very quickly. Be assured that the safety of our BRIGHT community is our paramount concern. If we need to pivot again, we will.

But let’s stay optimistic for now! Let’s aim to be together again, all pinked up and wearing our BRIGHT T-shirts! And let’s make it the best and BRIGHTest event in 15 years!