‘Tis the Season

It’s that time of year when giving and receiving seem to be what we do the most – along with eating perhaps!

Think socks and body wash. Mittens and nail polish. Body spray – oh, so much of it!

It’s lovely that those we love want to ply us with gifts during this festive season. But if you don’t need any more body spray (or socks, for that matter) it’s okay to suggest something else.

Such as a donation. To the BRIGHT Run.

Let your family, friends and even business associates know that while a gift basket of chocolate is yummy, a donation to the BRIGHT Run will have a lasting impact on the welfare of breast cancer patients.

Explain why you like the BRIGHT Run. Talk about the importance of breast cancer research and the fact that supporting small, local research projects can both impact treatment and lead to bigger studies.

Register now until December 15 for only $15 using the code BRIGHT15. Tell folks how easy it is to donate on line. Tell them how much you will appreciate their donation. And that if they want to slip you a chocolate or two, that’s also okay!