Fundraising on Facebook – Easy Peasy

Let’s say it’s your birthday, but you really don’t need or want anything from friends and relatives.  

OK, that might be farfetched for some of us, but stick with this anyway! 

The folks at Facebook have created an easy way for your Facebook friends to make donations to the BRIGHT Run. 

From a desktop computer, go to the Facebook Fundraisers Page. 

Once you’re there, click Raise money, select Charity and search Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation. You can modify the text and set a fundraising goal and time limit for your campaign. Click Create and you’re set! 

Once you’ve created your fundraiser, please make sure to email us at Tell us the participant and team name so our friends at the Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation can keep an eye on your progress. 

BRIGHT Run has also put together some handy tips and tools to help you with your fundraising.