A Message from Event Chair Nancy McMillan

I am so incredibly proud of our 2022 achievement.  

As I looked from the stage out upon the sea of faces, I saw a sense of pride and excitement. Different people were proud of different things and excited for different reasons, but all of us were united in our efforts. 

For the first time in BRIGHT Run’s 15-year history, the crowd stretched both to the left and the right of the stage as I looked out. BRIGHT Run 2022 hosted an unprecedented number of people on event day. From my vantage point, it felt like a huge, enveloping group hug! 

BRIGHT Run also raised an unprecedented amount of money to support local breast cancer research. Did I think we could hit $515,000 and counting? Frankly, I knew our BRIGHT Run community could accomplish the unimaginable. I wasn’t sure what that would be, but I would never under-estimate the BRIGHT Run community! 

BRIGHT Run is an event to look forward to. It’s something fun at the end of a treatment plan, a physical activity goal to help improve our physical, mental and emotional well-being.  

BRIGHT Run is also a time to look back. It’s a time to visit with old “new” friends we met during treatment. It’s a huge family reunion and an opportunity to pat ourselves and our crews on the back for all the turf we covered on our treatment plans.  

The COVID pandemic certainly made each of us long for the chance to get together again – in person – especially outside in such a beautiful location with so many choices of things to do, see, buy and eat! 

What you believe, you can achieve. BRIGHT Run folks believe in our support for local, yet far-reaching research. We believe in the power, strength and commitment of volunteers. We believe that when people learn about BRIGHT Run and know that all the money raised by our participants supports research, they want to help.  

Together, we are strong and we get things done.