Some BRIGHT Inspiration

Hello BRIGHT Run Family, 

This is the first letter after I met many of you in person on our 15th anniversary in September. What a day it was! I met so many amazing people, did my 5K walk with my team, and spent a great time in the lap of nature at the Dundas Conservation Area.  

Now, in retrospect, I think that it was your amazing energy that helped me accomplish a set of diverse tasks through these two months. Here is a list of my selected activities: 

  1. Started working with my graduate and undergraduate students on a couple of new imaging projects  
  1. Ran some proof-of-concept experiments on couple of new research studies as the first step 
  1. Continued my ongoing projects with more experiments (the results are encouraging!) 
  1. Worked on a grant proposal for submission in October 
  1. Served (virtually) as an external examiner in a graduate student’s defense in Portugal. This involves evaluating the thesis, critically.  
  1. Delivered a lecture on AI and medical imaging in China (via Zoom)  
  1. Finally, got a chance to visit my hometown, Howrah (India) and see my family after a gap of almost three years!!  
  1. Visited the cities of Haridwar (see the photo taken at night) and Hrishikesh (see the photo during the day) in India and cherished some childhood memories. The river shown in both of photos is the Ganges. The river and its surrounding basin support a densely populated region of more than 400 million people and is one of the most fertile regions on the planet. 

I am back in Hamilton now and even nature seems to exhibit its energy through the diversity of its colours. 

Enjoy fall!  



Dr. Ashirbani Saha is the first holder of the BRIGHT Run Breast Cancer Learning Health System Chair, a permanent research position established by the BRIGHT Run in partnership with McMaster University.