Golfing at Christie

It’s All in the Disc Action

There’s no need to haul your clubs along to play golf at Christie Lake Conservation Area, the new home of the BRIGHT Run. 

Instead, grab a flying disc and hone your skills on an 18-hole championship disc golf course that’s open year-round and free to use with park entry! 

Disc golf is a terrific outdoor activity that’s excellent for individual play, team play and organized competition. First played in the 1970s, the sport has gone pro, with professional disc golf associations that hold tournaments all over the world. 

The Christie Lake course is one of more than 2,000 disc golf courses in North America. It’s estimated that 100 new courses are built world-wide each year. 

The course winds through fields and forests to reach each hole’s target, which is usually a basket. The goal is to complete each hole with the fewest number of throws.  

Give it a throw. You might just love it! 

Photo courtesy of Hamilton Conservation Area 

This is the third in an occasional series of stories about Christie Lake Conservation Area, the new home of BRIGHT Run!