Happy New Year from Dr. Ashirbani

Hello BRIGHT Run Family, 

Happy New Year! 

I am in India now, at the tail end of my vacation with my family and friends. The closing moments of any family trip are sombre, but they are made of nice memories that we will all cherish. At the same time, these trips are rejuvenating. 

I visited the city of Varanasi, which is one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities. The name, Varanasi, is derived from the names of two rivers ‘Varuna’ and ‘Assi’.  A significant feature of Varanasi is its ‘Ghats’. Ghats in Varanasi are a set of wide stairs leading to the banks of the Ganges river. There are 84 such Ghats in Varanasi. The photo shows Assi Ghat in the evening of Dec. 25. 

Back to 2024 now, I am off to a fresh start and will continue to make progress on the projects that I have on the go with my collaborators. I am also looking forward to new projects, based on the ongoing technological progress.  

With good wishes and BRIGHT hopes, 



Dr. Ashirbani Saha is the first holder of the BRIGHT Run Breast Cancer Learning Health System Chair, a permanent research position established by the BRIGHT Run in partnership with McMaster University.