Flocks of Flamingos are BRIGHTening Lawns!

Attention BRIGHT folks:

Flocks of flamingos – pink ones of course – are on the loose in our area!

The wayward flocks began landing on front lawns during the May long weekend. What gives? 

BRIGHT team Let’s Bust a Move! is at it again!

Team captain Jerilee Nyman has this to say:

“We were dreaming up fun ideas of a BRIGHT pink way to spread the word about BRIGHT Run. And what better way than sending pink flocks of flamingos throughout the city and beyond!

“Those who get flocked have the opportunity to donate to local breast cancer research for the opportunity to flock a friend!

“Already, neighbours have been inquiring about the flocks of pink gathering on lawns, and those “flocked” have been sneakily surprising their friends with these herds of pink flamingos!

“We hope this brings joy, fun and laughter to our neighbourhoods, while together supporting BRIGHT Run and local breast cancer research.”

There are three flamingo flocks on the run until BRIGHT Run Day – Sept. 11 -and you never know when you might get flocked. Keep an eye on your lawn!