A Visit to Dundas Valley Conservation Area

BRIGHT Run made a quick, socially distanced, very limited – but definitely nostalgic – visit to Dundas Valley Conservation Area in May. 

Thanks to our community partners CH-TV and Cable 14, BRIGHT Run public service announcements will appear on both TV outlets in the coming weeks.

And thanks to videographer Jordan Moore (plus his able assistant Marin Hudson) and a handful of BRIGHT Run folks, some of those public service announcements were taped at the conservation area that is the traditional home of the BRIGHT Run.

BRIGHT chair Nancy McMillan said the focus was on safety all day – taping times were scheduled with down-time in between to ensure no crowding, masks were worn by all participants until the taping started and only a limited number of people were asked to participate.

Nancy said the day at Dundas Valley gave her goosebumps…on her goosebumps!

“I saw the yellow school buses winding down the roadway, all the pink and white and blue BRIGHT Run t-shirts filling the registration area and checking out what was under the many tents,” she said. “I could hear our BRIGHT Run music too.”

“I can’t wait until we are all together again,” Nancy said. “But in the meantime, keep that BRIGHT Run energy and electricity charging. That’s what we do, together.”

Many thanks to those willing to tell their stories for the camera:

  • Deanna Behnke-Cook
  • Juliet Daniel
  • Bindi Dhesy
  • Khalilah Elliott
  • Steve Ewoniak
  • Mark Levine
  • Nancy McMillan 
  • Victoria O’Connor Dingle
  • Aryn Sousa Moreton