Training Program & Playlist!

Get moving to the sounds of BRIGHT Run!
We want to share the spirit of BRIGHT Run with all of you in a new way, so we’ve made a playlist!
Check out ‘Shine BRIGHT‘ on Spotify and Apple Music to listen to songs that pump us up, get us inspired, and have us eagerly awaiting event day
Have a suggestion you want to share? Send us a message on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll add your song!

Get ready to walk or run 5K!
Thanks to new community partners, Kintec, we officially have a BRIGHT Run training program! Whether you want to walk, run, or wheel 5K, this program is designed for you to find your own pace. 

With a customizable training guide, we suggest putting this up on the fridge so you can count down the weeks until BRIGHT Run 2021 (and be more ready than ever)!