BRIGHT Run 2021 – Fundraising Acknowledgements

Congratulations and many thanks to all our participants for amazing fundraising efforts in 2021. Here are our top fundraisers:

Top Survivor Teams

Special note:

We don’t generally talk about nitty-gritty numbers here, but we’re making an exception for Let’s Bust a Move, captain Jerilee Nyman. In the team’s second year with the BRIGHT Run, they blew the doors off their own astounding 2020 fundraising total. This year, Let’s Bust a Move raised more than $63,000! 

  1. Let’s Bust a Move and captain Jerilee Nyman
  2. SuperMoobs and captain Steve Ewoniak
  3. Pirates of the Cure-abbean and captain Juliet Daniel

Top Supporter Teams (Community, staff)

  1. The Girls of WW and captain Lisa Rudd-Scott
  2. Pink Ribbon Ride and captain Amber Ripa
  3. Wonder Woman’s Warriors and captain Cathie Harper

Top Youth/Kids Captained Teams

  1. Team ATAC and captain Justin Davidson
  2. Pink on Jake and captains Grayce Bell and Alayna Bell

Top Survivor Fundraisers

  1. Jerilee Nyman
  2. Steve Ewoniak
  3. Mimma Musitano

Top Community Fundraisers

  1. Eric and Adele Haverkamp
  2. Lisa Rudd-Scott
  3. Cathie Harper

Top Youth Fundraisers

  1. Averie Nyman
  2. Zoe Cardoso
  3. Alex Daniels
  4. Kendall Nyman
  5. Brooke Klassen

Honorable Mention:

  1. Making the Mark – team captain Mark Levine
  2. McMillan’s Madcaps – co-captain Lee Prokaska