Welcome to our New Social Media Wizards! 

What’s not to like about 23 social media savvy, motivated Grade 7 and 8 students eager to jump into volunteer roles with BRIGHT Run? 

The students in Donna Stampone’s Grade 7/8 class at St. Ann Catholic Elementary School in Ancaster are putting their graphic design chops and social media expertise to work over the next few months to help BRIGHT Run get the word out about our 15th anniversary. 

Donna, captain of BRIGHT team In It Together, is a breast cancer survivor and long-time BRIGHT Run community member. She is also a member of the Teams, Registration and Fundraising Committee. 

“At the last committee meeting we were discussing if we needed someone to take over the BRIGHT Run marketing on our Facebook community page,” Donna said. “My class had just finished a project creating posters on Canva (an online design tool) and I was totally blown away.” 

“When I went back to school, I asked them if BRIGHT Run marketing would be something they would be interested in and they were so excited!” she said. 

A visit from BRIGHT Run Chair Nancy McMillan served to ratchet up that excitement, although Nancy admits she was a bit worried about how to connect with the students. 

“Twelve- and 13-year-olds can be a tough crowd so I tried to prepare well,” Nancy said. “I decided to talk about Minecraft and the Grade 8 prom, thinking that somehow I would work in breast cancer and the BRIGHT Run. 

“Apparently, I did!” she laughed. 

The posts the students create for the BRIGHT Run community page will form part of their media literacy mark, Donna says, but this partnership has other educational benefits. 

“I am also using this experience in various teachings, such as religion (giving back and serving others} and running a business, because we set it up as if we are subcontracting ourselves out,” she said. 

“I feel it’s a great experience to get them involved and it provides real life experience for them, as what they are creating is being used to promote awareness of BRIGHT Run.” 

And from Nancy’s perspective: 

“Engaged. Interested. Keen. Excited. Eager. Smart. Talented,” she said. “All that and more!” 

Check out the BRIGHT Run community Facebook page to see what the St. Ann’s students have been up to.