Spring into Fundraising!

Ah, spring has sprung. What better time to have some fun with fundraising! 

That’s because decent weather opens up all kinds of fundraising possibilities in the great outdoors, from lemonade stands to sports tournaments. 

Even though the provincial mask mandate has recently been lifted, some of us might still be a bit uncomfortable wandering around with a naked face. An outdoor event adds an extra bit of comfort for all of us. 

Yard sales are an old standby, particularly in the spring-cleaning time of year. Your junk is someone else’s treasure, as the saying goes, so put it out there and be prepared to haggle. 

To get the biggest bang from your yard sale, check if your neighbourhood or street has anything in the works that will bring more potential buyers to your driveway. Timing is key!! 

Don’t forget the ubiquitous bake sale. You can do it in your neighbourhood and/or your workplace. Again, timing is key – if you sell your sweets around Easter or Mother’s Day, your customer base will grow. 

If you’re not keen on in-person sales, promote your sale via social media, take orders online and watch your fundraising rock! 

Sporting events can be great sources of donations. Try a 50/50 draw among other sports moms and dads, or set up a lemonade stand at your kids’ games and practices.  

Or have a tourney of your own. Set up a neighbourhood corn hole competition at a nearby park. Have a hopscotch tournament on your driveway or in your cul-de-sac. Come up with your own version of the Olympics! 

Charge a modest participation fee, invest in a few cheap and cheerful prizes, and you’re all set! If you’re really ambitious, put together a couple of prize packages and auction them off. 

The possibilities are as broad as your imagination. Put the fun in fundraising as the spring weather helps us forget winter!