What do horses, flamingos and cookies have in common? 

The same thing that plants, bracelets and wooden saws share  – they’re part of the amazing fundraising efforts of BRIGHT Run teams in 2022! 

Pink Ribbon Ride, for example, was organized by longtime BRIGHT folks Amber and Crystal Ripa. That’s particularly exciting this year, because the event was suspended through COVID. 

Let’s Bust a Move’s! flamingo flocks are on the move again this year, and Beckley’s Family and Friends held a yard sale/bake sale at the end of June.  

Lisa Rudd-Scott, of The Girls of WW, and her parents Dennis and Janette Rudd, raised more than $4,000 through their annual plant sale, Averie Nyman, of Let’s Bust a Move!, has raised about the same amount – so far – through the sale of her hand-made hope bracelets. BTW, Averie is nine. Years old, that is! 

Meanwhile, Team ATAC sold lovely Father’s Day gifts to raise money for BRIGHT and the team will soon be launching a range of roasting sticks that can be personalized. And In It Together has been spinning it’s prize wheel for several months, raising money for local breast cancer research and making some lucky winners very happy! 

We’ve always been impressed with the fundraising prowess of our BRIGHT teams, but in the past couple of virtual years, creativity has, of necessity, run wild! 

Part of successful fundraising is building a team. Having a team, large or small, spreads out not only the fundraising effort, but also expand the imagination pool! 

The Girls of WW’s Lisa is also a member of the BRIGHT Run executive committee. Lisa spoke about team-building at last month’s team captains launch party, applying the metaphor of expanding circles to the process of recruiting team members. 

Your first circle, she said, is your family and close friends. Talk to them about how important BRIGHT is to you and ask them to join in your efforts to support local breast cancer research.  

Then move to the next circle – that might be work colleagues, neighbours or friends you haven’t seen in a while. Then the next – the parents of the children with whom yours play sports, take dance class or go to Brownies or Scouts. And so on. 

Your circles may be somewhat different than these, but you get the idea. Start close by and keep expanding your reach. Not everyone will likely say yes, but give them an opportunity. You might be surprised how many are keen to get involved! 

Once you’ve got your team together, the sky’s the limit when it comes to raising money for local breast cancer research!