A Dam with a Plan

A great part of the appeal of Christie Lake Conservation Area as the new home of the BRIGHT Run is the beautiful lake from which the conservation area gets its name. 

But the lake at Christie Lake Conservation Area didn’t simply appear. It’s a reservoir that was created with the aim of preventing flooding issues in Dundas. 

In 1958, the newly-formed Spencer Creek Conservation Authority was trying to find a solution to flooding problems along Spencer Creek and especially in low-lying Dundas. 

The authority began buying land in 1962 and, following years of study and approvals, construction of the 180-metre long Christie Dam started in May, 1970 and was completed in October, 1971. 

The dam not only virtually eliminated downstream flooding, it also created the recreational lake with a 360-metre long sand beach in what became Christie Lake Conservation Area in June, 1974. 

Photo courtesy of Hamilton Conservation Area 

This the second in an occasional series of stories about Christie Lake Conservation Area, the new home of BRIGHT Run!